Street Fighter II – Sheng Long is REAL 2015!

As of April 1 2015, SF II Sheng Long is in fact REAL!
Real for your own MUGEN purposes!

Here's how to fight SFII Sheng Long!
- Download SFII character pack from:

- Player must be either Ryu or Ken using sf2ww.def. sf2ww/ryu.def or sf2ww/ken.def will NOT work.
- Must get at least 5 PERFECT matches against anyone. Do NOT lose any health at any time.
- Draw the first round against M.Bison when you've reached him as the 5th match onward.
- Do NOT use sf2ww/mbison.def for the CPU match. This will NOT unlock the fight against Sheng Long.

Arcade Notes for sf2ww.def:
- A random character between slots 0 and 7 will be chosen for the 1st match.
- Balrog always takes 2nd match.
- Vega always takes 3rd match.
- Sagat always takes 4th match.
- M.Bison will always take the 5th match onward.