Mountlover’s Comprehensive Karin Guide – Try2 Rushdown (Street Fighter V)

Put a lot of work into this one, feedback is greatly appreciated! Let me know what I missed and what I got wrong. If enough new tech surfaces, I may followup with a more advanced part 2 video with more matchup specific breakdowns. If there's a part where I say something and the text on screen says otherwise, the text on screen is correct.

Part 1 - Overview: 0:21
Part 2 - Special Moves: 2:38
Part 3 - Normals: 43:03
Part 4 - V-Arts: 1:28:34
Part 5 - Combos & Blockstrings: 1:39:34

Combo List:

Whiff Punish:
s.LK, ↓↙←+HK

Far Punish:
cr.MK, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P

Far Punish 1 Bar (corner only):
cr.MK, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↙←+PP

Far Punish into Super (near corner):
cr.MK, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

Fireball Punish:
↓↘→+KK, Orochi, ↓↙←+HK

High-low Blockstring:
j.MK, cr.MK, ↓↙←+KK

j.MK, cr.MK, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P

High-low 1-bar (corner only):
j.MK, cr.MK, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↙←+PP

High-low into Super:
j.MK, cr.MK, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↙←+LK, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

High-low into Super (near corner):
j.MK, cr.MK, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

Jab Blockstring:
cr.LP, cr.LP, s.MP, ↓↘→+LK, ↓+P

Jab Confirm:
cr.LP, cr.LP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P

Jab Confirm 1-bar (corner only):
cr.LP, cr.LP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↙←+PP

Jab Confirm into Super:
cr.LP, cr.LP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↙←+LK, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

Jab Confirm into Super (near corner):
cr.LP, cr.LP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

V-Skill Blockstring:
MP+MK (hold) x HP+HK, cr.HP, ↓↘→+LK, ↓+P

V-Skill Confirm into Super:
MP+MK (hold) x HP+HK, ↓↘→+P, ↓+P, ↓+P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

BnB Blockstring:
cr.MP, s.MP, ↓↘→+LK, ↓+P

Bread and Butter:
cr.MP, s.MP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P

BnB 1-bar (corner only):
cr.MP, s.MP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↙←+PP

BnB into Super:
cr.MP, s.MP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↙←+LK, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

BnB into Super (corner only):
cr.MP, s.MP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

Optimal Super (near corner):
j.HK, cr.HP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

Optimal Super + V-Trigger:
j.HK, cr.HP x HP+HK, s.HP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+P, ↓+P, ↓+P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P

Optimal Crush Counter
s.HK x HP+HK, s.HP, ↓↘→+K~P, ↓↘→+P, ↓+P, ↓+P, ↓↘→↓↘→+P