Street Fighter V – Ranking’s Top 10 Online Matches Compilation #1: Mago (Karin)

This series is for showing a compilation of Online Matches of the Top 10 Players in the SFV Rankings. The first episode shows Mago's Karin! Note: I consider Top 10 in the Ranking by the time I start recording them, which means depending on the time you're watching this, they might be out of Top 10 (or not).

00:55 - Mago vs yu-kei (Ryu)
02:45 - Mago vs AHYAMO (Rashid)
04:35 - Mago vs mepe45 (Necalli)
07:53 - Mago vs ao10928 (Vega)
10:05 - Mago vs mugimugi (Laura)
12:50 - Mago vs tadano_kakashi (Ken)