[STREET FIGHTER V] Ken’s Theme – FULL COVER by Nock & P

Hey guys we’re back! Get ready to be punched by this powerful Shoryuken!!
This time the project is a FULL COVER and we decided to do it with the glorious Ken’s Theme, taken from the latest release of Street Fighter's game. This song is so powerful that doing a full instrumental cover aiming to bring the same feel of the original one hasn’t been simple at all.
Drums are real, as the difficulty of working with those raw sounds, but we’re pretty happy with what came out. There's no samples replacement of the drums' sounds, 100% real drums. Guitars and bass sounds are made with the astonishing Fractal Audio AXE FX 2 Mk.2.
Audio has been recorded and edited in Logic Pro 9, mixed and mastered by Nock (me).
Video has been recorded and edited in Final Cut Pro X, by Nock (me).

This is my biggest, hardest and most challenging project I ever made, I hope that who’ll see this will appreciate the big work behind it.

A very big thanks to my friend P who joined my project with his touch and skills on drums (without him this project wouldn’t even started), and special thanks goes to my friend Rocco, he gave me some really good tips that helped a lot to reach this final version of the whole project.

Let's rock!! Fight!

Drums: P
Guitars - bass: Nock
Mixing - Mastering: Nock
Video editing: Nock