Street Fighter V- Aegis Reflector makes Ibuki bomb Backfire on Ibuki

I am a Video Editor who love to show his versatile skills in the Editing Department. I use Sony Vegas for most of my edits, and soon will integrate adobe after effects. I am for hire
if you need Video Editor for Abridge Series and or Parodies or Music Videos. i Also do Reaction or Review Videos and give opinion on certain things that are going on Youtube that i get requested to react too.
If you want me to react to any of your videos or do a review on any products you have in mind my business email is down below. If you're just a fan of my content
make sure to comment in the comment section of what you want me to check out, but if you are the owner of the content in question then e-mail me.

I Appreciate each of my subscribers, and content creators that ask me for my opinion with out you there would be no me. 4k+ Strong, and going.