2xOTG + Combo After Super [Reflecting Ibuki’s Bomb!]

Music Used: SOMA [Arrange] from http://megadesk.bandcamp.com/album/act-arrange-ep

Explaining and building upon the bomb combos from the 2nd Urien combo video I uploaded yesterday.

I generally stay away from not guaranteed OTG's but this features a fairly unique set of circumstances, so I wanted to demonstrate it anyway. Plus it feels a lot like having a partner jump in and OTG like MvC3, while the point character charges something to juggle them with (in this case an AA-Fireball).

If you were itching to see additional stuff after the bomb hits following Urien's super, join the club. From testing a bunch of things, and seeing as you've just spent all of your meter (So no EX Moves), it would seem that you just can't hit with anything else. Even another Aegis just goes right through Ibuki as she falls to the ground.

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