“I Don’t Wanna Get Bopped” Ranked Vega (Claw) 8: Street Fighter V

Note: Could contain language.

I feel like I'm gonna get bopped. High win streaks and being calm. Composure. Wake up Supers? Combos and no combos. Sometimes a difference. I feel like it's looking up for me though. Points are coming home. Boi! Boi! Boi! Don't become a victim of downloading.

I do enjoy the gameplay, just not the marketing techniques behind it all. It's not cool Capcom and whatnot. *Rant about stuff that's already been heard numerous times.

Anyway I'm over here on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mr3000GT

Also check here for more SFV: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8fSWuSR-srgZiPajphPcDPiW_Qt2x4zm