Custom Karin Sexy Swimsuit (C4) – Street Fighter V Mod

My Custom C4 mod for Karin comes with 10 Custom Colors + Oil + Smooth stomach (by BrutalAce) + Removal of Hat, Cape, and Necklace

DOWNLOAD (MM):!iY9HWAAb!ryMSwtdpYxdg20kFqse7VCj1mHlukkBDW7DCBHgdx1k

DOWNLOAD (PAK):!3E1EFJbD!_97nWNPSg5FIs3Bims_iTIcu2k9VJZ_bvUb9y7Ua4hI

Hold Up+3P+LK before the match to remove sunglasses.

Want her hat, cape, or acceessories back on? Just delete the corresponding file in the /Material folder of this mod.

Music by the amazing Mick Gordon: