Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter [PS1] – U.S.Agent & Mech-Zangief

This is a play-through with the characters U.S.Agent and Mech-Zangief in the PS1 version of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Read on below for their moves and more information...

This is a play-through using U.S.Agent and Mech-Zangief in 1-player Battle mode. They are both hidden characters in this game, and can be legitimately unlocked and selected. Therefore, no external code/hacks are required.

Due to the PS1 version of the game not allowing you to tag-team switch during a fight, I have alternated between the two characters for each match.

Here are their moves:


===== SPECIAL MOVES =====
-- Shield Slash: D,DF,F + [P]
-- Air Shield Slash: in the air, D,DF,F + [P]
-- Charging Star: D,DF,F + [K]
-- Stars & Stripes: F,D,DF + [P]
-- Cartwheel: F,DF,D,DB,B + [P]

===== HYPER COMBOS (all require 1 level) =====
-- Final Justice: D,DF,F + [2P]
-- Hyper Charging Star: D,DF,F + [2K]
-- Hyper Stars & Stripes: F,D,DF + [2P]


===== SPECIAL MOVES =====
-- Spinning Lariat: [3P] (you can move back or forward during)
-- Quick Spinning Lariat: [3K] (you can move back or forward during)
-- Piledriver: rotate 270 + [P]
-- Air Piledriver: in the air, rotate 270 + [P]
-- Yoga Flame: D,DF,F + [P]
-- Aerial Throw: F,D,DF + [K]

===== HYPER COMBOS (all require 1 level) =====
-- Final Atomic Buster: rotate 270 + [2P]
-- Siberian Blizzard: rotate 270 + [2K]

===== Additional Information =====
---- If you complete the game with a hidden character, you'll get the usual generic hidden character ending.
---- Despite his name being 'Mech-Zangief' on the character select and versus screen, his name on the lifebar just says 'Zangief'.
---- U.S.Agent does not have a name on his lifebar, it's blank.
---- The Japanese version of the game is known as Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: EX Edition.

===== About U.S.Agent=====
He's basically a colour palette swap of Captain America. Seems to have exactly the same moves as well... I don't actually know what's different about him.

===== About Mech-Zangief =====
A palette swap of regular Zangief. He has Hyper Armor which means he cannot be stunned, but however he can be thrown, and he cannot block. Also slow and has reduced jumping ranges. Have fun fighting against beam characters using him.

===== About PS1 MSH vs. Street Fighter =====
As with X-Men vs. Street Fighter, due to the RAM limitations of the PS1 hardware, huge cuts needed to be made in porting the arcade game to the console... and the main cut is the fact that you cannot switch characters during a fight. Therefore it operates more like a traditional one-on-one fighter, consisting of separate rounds. Tag elements such as the Assist attack, Counter and the Team Super Combo are still possible though.

Additionally, for MSH vs SF, Capcom has included a mode called Cross Over which actually allows character tag-team switching - with the drawback being that 1P and 2P side's characters will always mirror each other. So for example, if Player 1 chooses Ryu and Spiderman, Player 2 will also have Spiderman and Ryu. By doing this it makes the tag-team switching possible because technically only 2 characters are stored in the PS1's RAM.

Other drawbacks include many animation sprite frame cuts, making some moves look a bit choppy and jerky. If you're used to the Arcade or Saturn versions and have a keen eye for sprites (like myself), you'll definitely notice the cuts.

New features of this version includes the ability to cancel Special Moves into Super Combos, and Super Combos into another Super Combo.