BabyMetal Karin (C5) – Street Fighter V Mod

My Custom C5 mod for Karin comes with 10 Custom Colors + Oiled Thighs and Chest + Custom BabyMetal Themed Textures + Removal of Mistletoe and SnowFlake Necklace.

DOWNLOAD (MM):!bRV2jLgC!4ghh81nOgDH7u-lYfnIIOK3HHl0zt-rJbPrOV5VyU4E

DOWNLOAD (PAK):!mdlHFD7Z!-k64fZCEdcuTrcitdfWIz3Vjd4GcUJsJPjJRopueluA

Hold Up+3P+LK before the match to remove hoodie.

Don't want the shiny FX? Just delete the SRMA file.
Want the colors, but none of the texture edits? Delete the /Texture folder

Music by the amazing Mick Gordon: