Street Fighter V – Arcade Mode ver. 0.1e (mod)

I figured I'd upload a play through that included some of the newest costumes & characters (as of this video) as well as UI tweaks and feedback changes.

The "Normal" difficulty now increases every 4 opponents - 1-4(6 difficulty), 5-8 (7 difficulty), & 9-13 (8 difficulty). I spammed highly punishable moves to test this.

With each patch, the mod breaks so it's been challenging trying to keep up with a continuously updated SaaS. Finding a way to package it & distribute it without forcing players to spin up a VM to access the additional DB data has also been a challenge (because this "game" is in constant contact with a server and I'm writing custom tables that Capcom would definitely C&D me if I released ).

Unlike asset swaps, I've created .uassets that run in tandem with existing files. This is why I haven't been able to apply scoring -- the scripts simply string together "Versus Mode" CPU opponents from a table and applies a clumsy UI to give the illusion of a genuine mode. Another table writes & records rankings (based on victory conditions). Finally, a third .uasset handles the menus (not shown) that allow players to access the mode in game by over-riding the existing glue.

As much as I appreciate the increased details in the maps & new costumes/colours to add to the tables, all those patches have forced me to play catch-up so progress is moving at a pace somewhere between a dead gerbil in a wheel and a snail on a salt-lick.

Hopefully none of this will matters when the "Super Street Fighter V" patch is finally released. If we don't see it by Jan 2018, I'll call in some engineering help to get this distributable because this project is getting way out of my skill level.

00:43 - Ryu ("Ryu Interpretation" by Stephen Malcolm)
03:52 - Chun Li
06:01 - Abigail
08:28 - Alex
10:35 - Rashid
14:14 - Ibuki
16:33 - Guile ("Guile's Theme Metal / EDM Remix ft. FamilyJules7X - A_Rival - HeadBangers Bonus Track - GameChops") It's on iTunes!
19:16 - Juri
21:20 - Balrog (Boxer)
24:46 - Vega (Claw)
27:28 - F.A.N.G.
30:49 - M.Bison (Dictator)