Feminist Friendly Physics Mod (Street Fighter V)!!

To date, my most requested mod ever - the Feminist Friendly Mod!

Now you don't have to be embarrassed when playing Street Fighter V in front of your girls who are friends (not girlfriends, of course). This mod completely overhauls every female character in the game to give them a "realistic" approach to physics. No longer will breasts (or thighs) bounce out of control at the slightest movement or breeze; in fact, they won't ever move at all! Every costume to date is included for the women in game, for game version 2.060.

While the mod does not censor any costumes or characters, it does go a step in the right direction for women's rights everywhere, allowing for a "more inclusive" gaming experience for all the women Street Fighter players!

This mod is also suitable for religious people who do not like wanton and unneeded sexualization in their games.

Please enjoy. :)

Download Link: [Coming Very Soon]