Ultra Street Fighter IV C. Viper vs Dhalsin PC Mod

C.Viper in a sling shot bikini vs Dhalsim in his alternate #3 costume match! The stage is a PC Mod of Dhalsim's classic stage from the old SF games as well.

C. Viper cosplays as King of Fighters' Shermie while Makoto cosplays as Asuka from Tekken! I did not make the mod as I found them online and wanted to try .

A battle to see who looks the best in a slingshot bikini match! Never noticed how gorgeous this stage looks until I started playing this game. But yeah, I didn't .

We have a Marvel vs DC battle as Cammy is in a Psylocke PC mod costume while C. Viper is in a Starfire mod costume! I did not make the PC mod as I found .