Custom Schoolgirl Cammy (C7) – Street Fighter V Mod

My Custom Schoolgirl Cammy (C7) mod comes with10 Custom Color Sets + Sweat FX + Subtle Makeup + Adult Textures + Stockings replaced with Knee High Socks

Hold UP+3P+LK before any round to toggle her jacket ON/OFF.

DOWNLOAD (MM):!bFsGxQ7Q!X2nV1Os348adt_QluYA9kRWcYSqnG5hKY9S9iTrsNRo


DOWNLOAD - Family Friendly (MM):!TJ8nzAiK!bZX-FB_n32zi2xMj4gbfHs0W85__UeTG9kcj5jQ5V-Y

DOWNLOAD - Family Friendly (PAK):!LUMAXZKY!Ma4yQoyITImDajsNMGd0aTVjyImEL6mjTDCaT_ia7w8

Want to remove the skirt permanently in Mod Manager?
Just open the folder:
and rename "CM_Z10_07_E09_Skirt-OFF.uasset" to "CM_Z10_07_E09_Skirt.uasset". Reinstall.

Thanks to BrutalAce for the help with the normal map!

Music by the amazing Mick Gordon: