SFV ▰ Amazing Mileena Mod【Ft. High Level Laura Players】

Another beautiful mod by @BrutalAce1. As with all BA mods, this one comes with plenty of options. Check out the features along with the download link below:


- Custom Laura base body with some minor texture fixes that you will probably won’t notice but since this mod has her back exposed those fixes were necessary
- 15 new colors.
- High quality textures.
- Sleeve physics.
- APEX based veil physics.
- APEX based belt physics.
- APEX based back cloth physics.
- Shoes and barefoot variants.
- Veil and no veil variants
- Returning hairstyle from her school mod.
- High quality rigging (no clipping or bad deformation).
- Subtle breast physics.
- A total of 4 variant combinations.
- Optional Mileena soundtracks (taken from MK9 OST and a fan made sound track).

DOWNLOAD HERE ► https://brutalace.deviantart.com/art/Laura-Mileena-MKD-By-BrutalAce-723973334

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