SFV AE ➡ INFILTRATION ➡ Plays Ryu Nash ???? Season 3.5 Changes and Thoughts

Thanks to Infiltration for giving permission and having such a lovely stream! The only man, a Street Fighter Legend, who is able to win EVO Japan and EVO USA returns to Korea after his latest trip to CPT Premieres. Just in time to load up SFV with it's all new released balance patch, ringing in Arcade Edition season 3.5.

Twitter has been literally exploding with pro players posting all kinds of SFV Season 3.5 pop offs about combos and tech.

Infiltration however, known to be an all rounder, famous for picking Street Fighter itself as his main character, is taking every character to the lab, trying to understand the new changes and exploring new tech and revealing new secrets on his own. He is a guru, a grandmaster of the art with soft clean skin and entertaining as well while getting to work with Nash and Ryu and sharing his thoughts and view on the current version of the game.

I highly recommend watching his stream if you are advanced or even a beginner!

This video is brought to you in courtesy of Infiltration

0:44 Season 3.5 NASH
16:35 Season 3.5 RYU

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