SFV AE ➡ INFILTRATION Plays Guile Akuma ➡ ???? Season 3.5 Changes and Thoughts Part 3

Thanks a lot to Infiltration for permission and diving even further down the new patch update for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Season 3.5.

Infiltration is a fighting game professional having won EVO Japan and EVO USA, setting new and innovative trends plus being respected among many pro players of the FGC. With the next premiere CPT almost in reach, Infiltration knows in order to win next EVO he has to master every single character, every single combo and tech in the game, especially difficult matchups like Guile or Akuma.

In this part 3, Infiltration dives down to what is considered to be Top Tier / S Tier in the new version of the game, Guile and Akuma Gouki. Running through the patch notes, Infiltration shares his thoughts and view on the new update regarding Guile and Akuma.

I highly recommend watching his stream if you are advanced or even a beginner!

This video is brought to you in courtesy of Infiltration

Infiltration New Patch Guile Akuma
0:05 Season 3.5 Guile
31:58 Season 3.5 Akuma

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