Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: PC and mods test and matches!

Yup, it's me I had to get that Nash mod! Sorry everyone I have not been uploading because I've been working on getting some games to work on my PC! If you've took time to read my channel about me I do mention I have a steam account and a CFN there too! This is me testing my lower end PC Lenovo ThinkCentre SFF AMD Phenom with a GT 730 everything is at a much faster pace with this GPU I haven't been able to get on Street Fighter on my PC for a long time due to low fps and not having good enough spec requirements which was why I could barely use it and mostly used PS4. This is really actually me having some matches recent battle lounge matches, I had to lower the resolution for recording to stay at a good frame rate. I can play at medium settings at best and higher resolution when I'm not recording. As soon as I installed the GPU and drivers I was so excited as I quickly indulged in importing mods and playing matches that I've been wanting for the longest time now. This is only a test although I was thinking about recording from my PC from time to time. This computer isn't typically designed for this but I made it work! I'm no computer and tech geek but I will list my specs as accurate as I possibly can as I seriously am no computer geek despite making this work I took the chance anyways until I get a proper gaming computer. So I decided to invest in an outdated and cheaper lower end GPU for the time being. Don't worry, I'll still be gaming on my PS4 too! I also am sorry for any noticed FPS dropping while I was recording at the moment it seems to be beyond my control.

Lenovo ThinkCentre SFF PC
AMD Phenom X2 B57 Processor 3.20GHz
PSU: 240W
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 1GB
67 bit windows 7 operating system
Hard drive: 500GB