PG | INFILTRATION, Street Fighter V Interview, NCR 2018 (timestamps)

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Podcast version:

00:00 Gameplay: Evo 2018 Grand Final.

00:27 English Question: Intro. Going into Evo Japan were you confident you would win it?
01:18 English Answer.

01:50 English Question: When did you realize Menat was strong and you liked the character?
02:44 English Answer.

04:01 English Question: Do you feel like there’s still a lot more to discover with Menat and where do you put her on the tier list?
05:00 English Answer.

06:08 English Question: You now seem more focused this year. How much training are you putting in each day?
07:59 English Answer.

10:03 English Question: Tell how you feel about your image and being a gamer in the spotlight (being fit, fashionable, etc.)
12:21 English Answer.

15:54 English Question: Let’s talk about your new team. Why did you pick Panda Global?
17:47 English Answer.

19:55 English Question: How happy were Panda Global when you won Final Round?
20:27 English Answer.

20:58 English Question: Tell me about Juri. Does she need more? If so what does she need?
22:55 English Answer.

25:02 English Question: Why stick with Juri?
25:31 English Answer.

26:33 English Question: What do you think of Nash in AE and his VT2? Did you try him out?
28:31 English Answer.

30:38 English Question: Thoughts on Ed?
32:24 English Answer.

34:34 English Question: Are you interested in any of the new DLC characters coming?
35:42 English Answer.

37:12 English Question: Arcade Edition. how do you feel about the state of the game at the moment? What do you like? What would you like to see change or improve in the future?
39:46 English Answer.

43:13 English Question: Abigail. Do you share the same POV as many others, who are getting a little hysterical about him?!
45:23 English Answer.

48:48 English Question: Rivals. Tokido is probably your biggest rival. Is there anyone else you have your eye on as a dark horse at this tournament?
51:17 English Answer.

53:07 English Question: Did you see Kemonomichi? Thoughts?
55:15 English Answer.

58:28 English Question: Can I clarify what you are saying? Are you saying Daigo affected the room and Tokido?
01:00:35 English Answer.

01:03:03 English Question: There’s a conversation that’s been brought up again about “Esports” vs. “the FGC". What are your thoughts?
01:06:52 English Answer.

01:12:51 English Question: Favorite player to watch and why?
01:14:09 English Answer.

01:15:50 English Question: How do you deal with high pressure situations? Techniques?
01:17:56 English Answer.

01:20:53 English Question: Thoughts on Sakura and Blanka?
01:22:04 English Answer.
01:23:32 More.

01:23:45 English Question: You seem very focused at the moment. What’s going on in your life and what are your plans for the future?
01:25:10 English Answer.

01:26:14 English Question: Are you interested in any of the new fighting games?
01:27:45 English Answer.

01:28:52 English Question: Do you watch a lot of Smash?
01:29:13 English Answer.

01:29:48 English Question: Favorite Smash player?
01:30:00 English Answer.

01:30:06 English Question: Is there anything you wish I had asked or anything you wish to say?
01:32:46 English Answer.

At Norcal Regionals 2018 I got a chance to interview Panda Global | Infiltration about Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. Pre (surprise) patch.