Street Fighter V AE Akuma/Juri/Sakura vs Nash/Zeku/Ibuki PC Mod

So I was watching Evo 2018 a lot during the weekend and I was so impressed with a lot of the competitors. I saw a lot of great players and the Finals match was fun to watch too. Anyways, because of that, I decided to do a team battle with the Ring of Power stage since it shows Evo 2018. This team battle is a good ol' Street Fighter vs Tekken match. Nash is in the Raven mod that has been used before. Zeku is in the Lars mod while Ibuki is in the Master Raven mod. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. Hope you guys enjoy as a new week means new videos!

Akuma Noroimusha mod:

Juri Vanguard Outfit:

Sakura Wonderland mod:

Nash Raven mod:

Zeku Lars mod:

Ibuki Master Raven mod: