Street Fighter V AE Sagat vs Ryu PC Mod

I might be busy this weekend so I had to upload another video. If you been following me from my early SF V videos, you will notice that I like to do nostalgia battles from time to time. So with Sagat in this game now, what better way than to do a Sagat vs Ryu battle? Sagat is in his official Nostalgia costume and it actually comes with two costumes. So, if you do the easter egg code before the match, he ends up wearing a costume that resembles his look from the SF II: Animated Movie. Meanwhile, Ryu is in a Shirtless mod for his default and Story mode costumes made by brutalace.

I have actually been digging playing as Sagat offscreen. He can zone pretty good and has some strong attacks. I just hate how slow he is but that is to be expected. You will see me do some zoning against Ryu in this battle. I still got to practice more as him to figure out what counter attacks and stuff like that. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend!

Sagat Nostalgia Costume can be purchased.

Ryu Shirtless mod: