Street Fighter V AE Sakura/Chun Li/Ryu vs Falke/Urien/M. Bison PC Mod

Did anyone see the Power Rangers Legacy Wars trailer that came out last week? I thought it was pretty cool and it was an influence to this team battle. Anyways, Sakura is in the Sakura Special mod. Meanwhile, Chun Li did not get the memo to dress up accordingly and showed up in a New Dirty Bunny mod without the mask. Ryu completes the Blue team turning into the Ryu Ranger. The Red team consists of Falke in the Shadaloo Battle Outfit mod, Urien is in the Lord Zedd mod and M. Bison is in the Green Ranger mod. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. Sometimes team battles are the best way to see certain mods. I hope you guys enjoy this one as a new week means new videos. Stay tuned!

Sakura Special:

Chun Li New Dirty Bunny:

Ryu Ranger:

Falke Shadaloo Battle Outfit:

Urien Lord Zedd:

M. Bison Green Ranger: