Street Fighter V AE Falke & Chun Li vs Zangief & M. Bison PC Mod

Did anyone watch the DC shows on the CW Network this week? Seeing Batwoman on TV was something new and it gave me the idea for this battle. Falke is in the Batgirl mod but the color scheme picked here is of Batwoman. Her partner is Chun Li as Shazam. They face off against Zangief in the Bane mod while M. Bison is in the Dictator Superman seen before but this mod was updated to make his cape animated. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. I contemplated about uploading this version and if you watch till the end, I ended up losing. I tried to redo this battle but each recording was taking up 5-7 minutes of my time and I was busy and trying to get this video done. Also, M. Bison is really a pain to fight against unless I'm playing as Ryu or Ken. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy the video and comment below if you guys thought I should have kept trying. Have a good day.

Falke Batgirl:

Chun Li Shazam:

Zangief Bane:!Jh52XD4Z!RsbZhfBmy6hyB1_SmOqq4hmoJKZy1oMzs2AOVRo9E9E

M. Bison Dictator Superman: