Street Fighter V AE Ryu vs Kage PC Mod

Ryu is in the Goku shirtless mod and the variant is in Super Saiyan God mode. Meanwhile, the new character Kage is in the Lord Drakkon mod from the MMPR comic book series. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. The new update made a ton of changes to every character in the game. Ryu got changed a little bit as his fierce Hadoken shoots faster and the motion to do his Donkey Kick got changed as well. Kage is pretty tough to fight as he has some cool combos. This battle took me a few tries to get. I hope you guys enjoy.

Ryu Goku Shirtless mod:!fB0zCaIS!OR8gPg8D6hJG_Q-HzIZdaiTtaYae-5jXk9WvsQpLn5E

Kage Lord Drakkon mod: