Street Fighter V AE Laura/Cammy/Chun Li vs Kolin/R. Mika/Karin PC Mod

This will be my final video of 2018 and I wanted to end it with a team battle since it's been a while since I last did a team battle. Laura is back in the lace lingerie mod with ponytail hair. Cammy is back in the SSR 1 Swimsuit with her Dolls hair variant. Chun Li is in the Thong Bikini but with dry skin and barefoot. They face the team of Kolin, R. Mika and Karin who are all in the Dark Prison mods. Out of these three mods, only R. Mikas mod hasn't been shown on my channel. The stage mod is called the Coliseum and it is very similar to the stage in MK2 with all the characters in the background. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. Hope you guys and have a happy new year!

Laura Lace Lingerie mod:

Cammy SSR 1 Bikini:

Chun Li Thong Bikini:

Kolin Dark Prison:

R. Mika Dark Prison:

Karin Dark Prison:

Coliseum Stage mod: