Street Fighter V – Chun-Li Ghost Rider Mod x Sakura Norimaki Mod

Still working the rust out of Chun, but just caught Sakura's trying to sneak out and go after Ryu wearing that "costume", so ofc our strongest and sexiest cop of the world in her leather and spiky cosplay had to put the girl down a bit and tell her to wear some damn clothes, especially on cold nights and at that crazy neighborhood;

Fanfic courtesy from Khaledantar666 for providing Chun Service, and Sonicprogrammer for giving Sakura a reason for a Chun Spanking, lol. Joking, great mod man, great work guys, also, huge thanks to Robhal for sunny days, invisible ex and no black border mods. Music cover by V Mills, edited by yours truly, and loud 'cuz I like it.

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