Arcade 1UP – Asteroids Stock Board – USB MOD plays Street Fighter 2 CE + 7 Other games

The Stock Asteroids boards supports these games:

Street fighter 2 : CE

The video showings it booting, the roms, the dipswitches,
and mapping input screens.

It works great for me, with a fighting stick attached.

tst_galx Galaxian Test ROM
gghost Goalie Ghost
alpha1v Alpha One (Vision Electronics / Kyle Hodgetts)
ldrun2 Lode Runner II - The Bungeling Strikes Back
kyustrkr Last Striker / Kyuukyoku no Striker
bgaregganv Battle Garegga - New Version (Austria / Hong Kong) (Sat Mar 2
slipstrm Slip Stream (950515 Brazil)
slipstrmh Slip Stream (950515 Hispanic)
demofist Demolish Fist
finalizr Finalizer - Super Transformation

Video also shows the following games:
1) Alpha one - side scrolling shooter
2) Load Runner 2 - horizontal puzzle action game
3) Battle garegga - vertical scrolling shooter
4) Finalizer - vertical scrolling shooter
5) Goalie Ghost - horizontal sports game
6) Last striker - horizontal sports game
7) Slipstream - Racing game [but runs at about 70% speed]

Demolish Fist is a modern 3d side scrolling game, that does
not run at all. Very graphic intensive.