Street Fighter V – Arcade Edition – Falke (Ashe Overwatch) x Akumer

You know my man Addysun, right? So he had the great idea of making a costume (mod) to Falke, from Ashe - Overwatch; I love Falke, I love Ashe's design so I just got an win/win mod, thanks bro.

Also, big thanks to Saint Robhal for invisible ex moves, no black borders, sunny days and no/less gimmicks mods, which I say all the time, I don't play without'em.

Music loudly edited by yours truly is an amazing cover by Martin - Skar Production, check his channel, now - of the too amazing Weigh of the World, NieR Automata ending theme.

Go play the game if you haven't yet, and a leave a goddamn like if you did, a comment for w/e and if you didn't like, too bad, so sad, no one cares...

Mods can be found at