Street Fighter V – Falke x Cammy Texas – Mod

My man RuidX removed Falke goggles from her battle costume and my boy Ecchi Gamer gave this wonderful costume for this old man: a fantastic, beautiful and sexy mod for Cammy, my OTF - one true Waifu - Such a good lad, or is he trying to kill me with those gifts? Well, you can see how Falke was distracted so I guess he really wants to kill the old man. What a nice kid, thanks my dude, loved the gift, even if I just got totally cooked at the match, lol.

Body designed by my brother Brutal Ace and "bra" by my other brother KhaledAntar666, can never forget Robhal for the sunny days, invisible ex and no black border and V Mills for the amazing cover. Thanks for the "encouragement", guys.

Music edited loudly by me 'cuz I like this way, and I own nothing and all mods can be found at modderbase.