Street Fighter V – Falke x Sakura – Fetishist Mods – Courtesy from Addysun’s Productions

You know, I was not distracted and wasn't worried about kids entering the office while I play, I'm just that bad, I insist, I WAS NOT distracted, despite the amazing and kinky work our Addysun did.

Also, big thanks to Robhal, as always, no black border, invisible ex moves, fewer gimmicks and sunny days are mods that I just can't play without anymore.

Own nothing and every mod can be found at

Music is hella loud because I so desired it to be and edited like that, Character Screen music cover by Skar Production, if you don'y know the riff at VS Screen I'll find you and you should the rest of the quote; Falke's remix/cover by Vincent Moretto and the ending is the Lady of the Woods cover by the also amazing Gingertail.

Check those channels for more awesome music/songs/covers;