Street Fighter V AE Sakura/Cammy/Kolin vs Juri/R.Mika/Menat PC Mod

I was actually not planning on doing a team battle today. But thjen it hit me. Dead or Alive 6 just came out right? Thats the idea behind here as we have a SF vs DOA fight. Sakura is in the Hot Pants mod while Cammy is in the Cowgirl mod but with a different variant. Kolin is in the SSR Swimsuit with wet skin variant. Juri is in the Vanguard Christie mod that has been seen before. R. Mika is in a Lisa Maid mod and Menat is in a Kokoro mod. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. Hope you guys enjoy this mix of mods that have been seen and ones that haven't been seen. Its a new month so I got to keep up the content. Have a good day.

Sakura Hot Pants:

Cammy Cowgirl:!ad1T3KYJ!_1ex5ApkEdGpcgLp_bo4yf1ayfWtZAMEidzDdciKG-8

Kolin SSR Swimsuit:

Juri Vanguard Christie:

R. Mika Lisa Maid mod:

Menat Kokoro:

Anor Londo Stage mod: