Street Fighter V AE Falke/Chun Li/Laura vs Ibuki/Cammy/Kolin PC Mod

Team battle time. Here, Falke is in the Domme mod seen before but this is a different variant. Chun Li is in the Latex with no mask mod seen before as well. Laura is in the new Fetish Latex mod. They face off against Ibuki in the Orient Beauty Momiji mod as she's in the veils variant. Cammy is in the Night Cage with bright textures and Kolin is in the Night Cage mod as well. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. Dont feel bad if Laura's appearance was short here. I tried to redo this battle but got the same result. Laura's mod will be seen again in a single battle due to having a variant as well. Stay tuned for that one. Have a good day everyone!

Falke the Domme:

Chun Li Latex:

Laura Fetish Latex:

Ibuki Orient Beauty Momiji:

Cammy NIght Cage:

Kolin Night Cage: