Street Fighter V AE Sakura vs Zangief PC Mod

Sakura is in the DOA5 Honoka C23 mod. Meanwhile Zangief is in the Darun Master mod and he's from the Fighting EX Layer game. So we got a DOA vs Fighting EX Layer match up here. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. This battle took me a lot of tries to get because I'm not used to fighting against Zangief so I'm not familiar with his frame data. I picked this stage because this weekend is Capcom's first Pro Tour of the year so I hope they reveal us some big news at the event. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great day.

On a side note, I am still playing DOA 6 on the side as the game is pretty cool. Unlocking the costumes is just too time consuming. Thats the problem. I will try to upload some content for that game whenever I can.

Sakura as DOA Honoka C23:

Zangief as Darun Master: