X-Kira’s latest datamining reveals colors and Easter eggs for upcoming Crossover Costumes, new music, & Extra Survival mode for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

from Search Results for “street fighter” – Shoryuken on 2018年2月23日

With the latest update dropping for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition yesterday, notable dataminer X-Kira has once again unearthed some new findings related to potential upcoming content for the game. First off, he displays all colors and Easter eggs for Blanka’s costumes, as well as the Monster Hunter Crossover Costumes for Ibuki, Rainbow Mika, and Ken (which sees the shoto remove his helmet, while the ladies remove their weapons). We also get the same treatment for Captain Commando Nash, whose Extra Battle challenges will likely begin once Chun-Li’s June Lin Milliam and the MH trio have all finished in March. (Keep in mind those three sets of Battles have recently been rescheduled, if you’re looking to hunt for a certain World Warrior.)

Furthermore, we get a listen to the main theme of the Monster Hunter franchise, “Proof of a Hero,” which can be earned in an additional Extra Battle currently beginning on February 27th. This song can seemingly be set to replace the current Main Menu theme for SFVAE if you so choose, and is yet another collaboration fans of both series will surely appreciate. New Titles are also displayed.